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Candour design is a full service IT & ITES consultancy in Web related Services, Health care, Infrastructure etc. Our objective is to develop and deliver cost effective customized applications to our clients by not compromising on quality. Decades of rich experience and expertise of our founders and advisors in the IT industry have contributed to the steady growth of businesses. Significant portion of our business comes from repeat clients or new clients referred to us by existing clients.

The company is supported by a strong network of Programmers, Project managers, Data processing specialists, Business development team and has rich up to date technical knowledge and experience to deal with international projects adhere to international standards.

We listen and learn everything about your company, industry, competition, vision and business requirements to design an effective model.

We believe in "Customer is the most important visitor and is part of our family. We strive for his satisfaction at length"

What We Do


Application development, Cloud Services, E-Commerce, Website design & maintenance, Branding & Advertising, Market Research & Digital Marketing and Business Analytics.

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Architecture, Construction, Interior Design, Security, Electrical, Plumbing and Maintenance, Insurance Solutions to your Building & Home Requirements. For Real Estate developers.

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Health Care

We help and guide people who require health care solutions from nearby. We do counselling by giving proper treatment and locating best doctors & hospitals near your city and Facilitates Telemedicine.

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Information Directory - Needs Online

"Needs online is an online information directory facilitating needs of the people of India covering 28 cities. This Portal is single window services for many services"

Property Needs

"Property needs, online real estate portal started to offer services of property management ( plots, flats, land, houses), systematic buying/selling options with required documentation"

Hemophilia Care

"Awareness on Hemophilia, Enhances healthy Life. It is a hereditary disorder that causes bleeding for a long time.This portal provides handful information on Hemophilia, Hospitals and Emergency Services"

Water Management Consultancy - Geokonsult

"Geokonsult Value and Commit towards Nature & Environmental aspects. We focus on providing knowledge and solutions on Artificial Recharge, Groundwater , Quality Water, Waste water management"

Next Generation Technology Solutions-NextGenK12

NextGen K12 is an solution providing Third Grade Reading Guarantee; Gifted Students Program; Parent/Teacher/Student Collaboration Portals.

- Online Needs

Online Needs is an online shopping portal featuring Artifacts, Handmade crafts, Ayurveda of our culture etc. and also facilitating reliable and frictionless commerce ecosystem between buyers and sellers.


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